Daily maintenance of garden machinery
2015-06-29 11:30:46

Using garden machinery, how to use it properly and how to maintain it in time, can we maximize the effectiveness of garden machinery and reduce the probability of failure? Let's talk about it below.

Use and maintenance of one- and four-stroke garden machines (take lawn mower as an example)

1. using 92# gasoline, it is recommended to go to the regular Sinopec gas station, do not go to the individual, some impurities, easy to damage the machinery. Refueling is carried out outdoors, no smoking is allowed, do not refuel when the engine is running, be sure to stop and refuel.

2. the new machine must be run-in, every idling for 45 minutes, stop for 15 minutes, after 3 hours of running-in, replace the oil, refill the new oil, and work. The oil is within the range of the oil gauge. Don't be less. Observe the oil gauge before using the machine. Work 40-50 hours to change the oil and use four-stroke engine oil.

3. Clean the filter element after each use. The filter element is dirty and cannot be cleaned or replaced with a new filter for 50 hours.

4. the machine works for 45 minutes, stop for 15-20 minutes. Use the cleaning chassis every day.

5. It is strictly forbidden to trim the lawn at a slope greater than 25 degrees.

6. before using the machine, pay attention to clean up the debris in the lawn, such as wire, stone and so on.

Safety first, maintenance three points: a look at the oil, two clear filter, three clear chassis    

Use and maintenance of second and second stroke garden machinery (take the hedge trimmer and brush cutter as examples)    

1. Use 92# gasoline and two-stroke FB or higher engine oil in proportion. This step is the most important. The ratio of FB grade two-cylinder oil and gasoline is 1:20-25, and the ratio of FD grade oil to gasoline is 1:35-40.

2. The new machine must be run for at least 1 hour and shut down for 15 minutes every 30 minutes.

3. Every 20 hours of use, you need to check the working head, the lubricant in the gear box, less timely filling.

4. Check the screws every day for looseness and work after reinforcement.

5. Pay attention to clean the workplace, clean the wire and other hard objects to work.

6. Check the gap of the hedge trimmer blade regularly (25 hours) and adjust it in time to keep it sharp. The worn blade replaces the new blade in time.

Safety first. Three main points of maintenance: one plus mixed oil, two plus oil, three cleaning blades and filter.                

Three, other considerations    

1. all machines must be added to the maximum throttle when working.    

2. If an abnormality occurs, stop using it and contact the purchasing company.    

3. Minors are strictly prohibited    

4. When the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to put your hands and feet close to the blade.    

5. When checking the bottom case, the lawn mower must be dumped from the side of the filter to the oil side.    

Fourth, Winter Care Precautions:    

1. Machines that are not used in winter must be cleaned and extinguished automatically.    

2. Clean the chassis, filter, wipe clean, put it up.    

3. In the hot state, first drain the oil and re-add the new oil.    

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