Use and maintenance of power tools
2015-06-29 11:29:14

1. Please do not overload the power tool. Please select the appropriate power tool according to the operation requirements. Use a suitable power tool at rated speed.

2. Do not use power tools that are damaged by the switch. All power tools that cannot be controlled by switches are dangerous and must be repaired.

3. Unplug the plug from the socket before adjusting the device, replacing the accessories or storing the device. These safety standards prevent accidental starting of the equipment.

4. Keep unused power tools out of the reach of children. Please do not allow the person who does not understand the power tool or who has not read this instruction to operate the power tool. It is dangerous for untrained people to use power tools.

5. Please take care of the power tools carefully. Check for incorrect adjustments, stuck motion components, broken parts, and anything else that might affect the normal operation of the power tool.

6. Please keep the cutting tool sharp and clean. A well-maintained cutting tool with a sharp edge is less prone to sticking and easier to operate.

7. In accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions, in consideration of the working environment and type of work, according to the design purpose of the specific power tool, the correct selection of power tools, accessories, replacement tools.

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